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Why Do I Write?

I write for the kid who loves science. I also write for the kid who may not like science, but who likes a good story (and who will hopefully get a bit of science knowledge on the sly). I have a Ph.D. in biology from MIT, so science is a passion for me.

I write for the kid who has a disability. I also write for the kid who is unfamiliar with, mean to, or scared of people with disabilities (and who will hopefully learn to be more aware, kind, and brave through my stories). I have a form of muscular dystrophy (called FSHD), so disability issues are important to me.


I write for the kid who loves reading and words. I also write for the kid who is a reluctant reader, but who thinks that wordplay and puns are hilarious (and who hopefully will read other stories to keep laughing). I like playing with words and making jokes, so humor is key in some of my stories.

I enjoy the challenge of writing, including moments like discovering an exact turn of phrase or a perfect pun, or finding an unusual rhyming pair, or translating a complex vision in my head into simple words.

I would like to be known for writing books that teach people something or that make them think (about the natural world, about their own lives, or even just about language and wordplay). Being known for making people laugh would be a bonus!

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