I live in New York City with my husband, our three children, and a cat. I love to

read, play guitar, and travel.

I went to school for a long time. I have a B.A. in biology from Carleton College and a Ph.D. in molecular biology from MIT. I also did postdoctoral work in neurobiology at UCSF. I have always loved to learn new things.


I have also always loved to write. Once upon a time, I was the editor of a monthly structural biology magazine in the Nature Publishing Group. So, I have a lot of experience in writing about science for scientists. I have also written general articles for parenting magazines.


Currently, I am crafting stories for young readers, and for old(er) readers who love young readers. I often try to weave in science themes (as well as the occasional joke). I have many book drafts on paper and even more in my head. Getting those written down is my goal. Well, that and to get books published, of course! Stay tuned.

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